Serenic 2015/2016 Training Catalog Now Available

Serenic 2015/2016 Training Catalog Now Available

We are happy to announce the release of the 2015/16 Serenic Training Catalog.

Once again our most popular courses have been scheduled with many running several times through the year. This detailed information can be reviewed from the Serenic website. We will also send out Green Alerts on a regular basis to indicate new courses that have been scheduled and reminders of upcoming offerings.

How can I see these details?

Ensure you have a username and login to the secure section of, and login here:  If you require a username select ‘Join Us’ and fill out the form for approval.

Once authenticated, there are two steps involved.  The first link (in orange, ‘click here’) will take you to the pdf that includes the detailed descriptions of all currently scheduled webinars.  The second link on the page, ‘2015/16 Serenic Training for Municipalities’ is where you go to register for a specific webinar.

What is new compared to previous years?

There are a number of new courses and formats available this year, alongside repeats of our most popular courses from previous years.  We have expanded our webinar bootcamps, now offering these for AP, AR and Utilities.  We have added new courses for our Operations modules (Work, Costs, Assets & PM, Requests, Inspections), and added a number of courses for our Analytics customers (Navigation, Administration and Developer).  As always if there are functional areas that you would like to see more training on please let us know.

 I want training on a functional area not in the catalog, what do I do?

Please let us know that via ticket at We endeavor to provide training that is relevant and helps each of you get the most out of your Serenic installation.  If we have enough demand we will schedule the course and add it, if it is a specific requirement you can always employ our services to provide the training for just your organization.


Please review this information and share with all your Serenic Software users, and Happy Training!