Green Alert: Bellamy Version 8 & Enterprise Analytics

Green Alert: Bellamy Version 8 & Enterprise Analytics

Projects Update – First Round in Place and 2 Spots Booked for Round 2
Bellamy is pleased to announce that we now have in place our first group of 10 customers to implement Version 8 with Enterprise Analytics, and have 2 customers scheduled in our next group. Since our last alert the Towns of High River and St. Paul, Flagstaff County and Smoky Lake County have all signed on to roll out these solutions. Thank you for your business. The projects with the first group of 10 are now under way, and scheduling for Round 2 is in the works.

The opportunity is now available for your organization to secure its spot in the second round of implementations, and take advantage of the benefits Version 8 and Enterprise Analytics deliver. With 2 of those spots already taken we encourage you to contact Derek or Jim in the coming days to discuss demonstrations, pricing and any questions you may have.

Version 8 features a modernized and updated graphical user interface (GUI), allowing users to configure shortcuts to their favourite programs, the ability to tile multiple screens and multiple sessions and easily navigate from module to module. It also includes next generation reporting embedded within the application to run reports directly from the system, online Help and How To’s, and the ability to initiate a support session with Bellamy from any screen.

Enterprise Analytics uses our in-memory data analytics to provide powerful data analysis, reporting and dashboards across all of your Bellamy data. The tool enables users to configure their own dashboards and make them available to any users in the organization. Each dashboard features its own set of tools to filter information and drill-to-detail, and can be consumed on laptops, smart devices and phones.

“We are pleased to see these new advancements in Bellamy with the launch of Version 8. Flagstaff County is excited to bring this to our staff to enable them to have valuable information right at their fingertips. We see this a great value to all levels of our organization.” – Deb Brodie, Finance/Administration Officer, Flagstaff County

“Prior to attending the 2014 Forum I was extremely skeptical of the new Version 8. After attending the presentation on Version 8 and the Enterprise Analytics I was pleasantly blown away by the new products, especially the reporting, analytical, and decision making power these products can provide to our organization. Our team is really excited about the new direction that Bellamy is heading and we can’t wait to get started.” – Tom Maier, Chief Financial Officer, Town of High River

“We feel that Bellamy is moving in a very positive direction. Version 8 will simplify and improve financial communication throughout the organization. This year we will implement Version 8 and Enterprise Analytics and look forward to adding budgeting in 2016.” – Brenda Adamson, Finance Manager, County of Smoky Lake.