Our Value to You
Serenic is able to provide the only complete integrated suite of public sector applications in the Canadian marketplace supported by a single company.

Public sector organizations are faced with the challenge of developing and managing budgets in a complex process – multiple sources of data from multiple users to be consolidated and balanced into a final document that then benchmarks the path for the next year, 3 years and in some cases 10 years. The criticality of the budget beside the difficulties in getting good, accurate data creates a daunting and time consuming problem.

With the Budgeting Module, public sector entities can significantly reduce the time required to create, consolidate, and manage budgets. By linking data directly to the general ledger, work, and asset management system sources, users can improve their accuracy and remove the back-and-forth of tedious spreadsheet work. Budgeting becomes an everyday process with data tracked at the source on the day it was identified, not from memory.

Transform annual budgeting from a manually-intensive, error-prone exercise to an agile highly automated and productive process. Focus on balancing budget demands with limited resources and get away from the data collection trap.

Gain world-class budget planning capabilities such as:

  • Operating, capital and salary budgeting
  • Activity-based management
  • Asset replacement strategies
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Funding and project cost management