Citizen Engagement

Our Value to You
Serenic Software is able to provide the only complete integrated suite of public sector applications in the Canadian marketplace supported by a single company.

Public sector organizations are under pressure to be transparent in all they do. No longer is making information available enough – the data needs to be web-based, secure and easily available. As well accountability regarding service levels is becoming not just a desired outcome but a requirement is some jurisdictions to qualify for certain funding.

Serenic Software’s Citizen Engagement solutions provide this access for members of the public through two powerful modules, Citizen Self Service and Requests.

With the Citizen Self Service module citizens and business will be able to access their tax or utility data, AR accounts, pay bills, subscribe to budget billing, compare property information, review or renew business or animal licenses, and create tax certificates – all without requiring intervention by your staff. The tool provides anytime, anywhere access for users significantly reducing administrative time and automating a number of revenue generating processes.


  • Secure, web-based connections for citizens
  • Customize the look and feel to match your website
  • Easily register users without intervention, online password retrieval tools
  • Simple, individual customer views of information


  • Save administrative time by allowing citizens access to their information
  • Streamline revenue generating activities such as tax certificate purchases
  • Simplify communications with today’s ‘connected’ citizens

The Requests module captures all citizen, council, and internal requests or inquiries and tracks them from creation to resolution. It provides the ability to track and measure the timeframe of the request and features automated integration with work orders, email notification, and automatically updates the citizen and required parties on the progress and resolution of the request. “Canned” comments, visualizing request types on a map, and unlimited search, sort, and assign capabilities makes this module ideal for your customer service needs.


  • Easy to use interface allows users to quickly and accurately direct their requests
  • Users can easily follow the status of their requests and be notified of updates
  • Administrators and internal users easily stay on top of requests
  • Excellent reporting allowing for month over month and year to year comparisons broken out by multiple categories and functions


  • Save administrative time by streamlining processes for data entry, coordination, assignment and follow up
  • Increased transparency for citizens and internal staff on administrative work
  • Track service levels to support staffing requirements and grant applications