Meeting Management

Our Value to You
Serenic Software is able to provide the only complete integrated suite of public sector applications in the Canadian marketplace supported by a single company.

For many public sector organizations the management of formal meetings is a time-consuming and inefficient process. The development of agendas, from identifying issues to approving them, meeting scheduling, meeting minute taking and publishing of required documents can be a process fraught with wasted time and resources.

Serenic Software’s Call2Order meeting management solution addresses all of these challenges in a web-based application with tremendous flexibility to meet your organization’s needs. Administrators can formalize agenda development and minute taking processes. Board members can easily review, annotate and prepare for meetings, track meetings and find historical information to further aid them in their analysis of issues of the day. Members of the public can access meeting calendars, agendas and minutes through the Call2Order public interface.


  • Easy to use web-based application for anytime, anywhere access for administrators, approvers and board members
  • Flexible configuration allows for use with both formal and less formal meeting such as safety meetings or departmental meetings
  • Significantly reduced net effort in meeting management through time-saving tools and functions


  • Save time to edit, alter, approve and distribute meeting materials
  • Move to a paperless system, or hybrid thereof, and save thousands per year on paper
  • Increase operational efficiency by formalizing processes for issue approval, making information available in a central location and making it available to all users