Revenue Management

Our Value to You
Serenic Software is able to provide the only complete integrated suite of public sector municipal applications in the Canadian marketplace supported by a single company.

Municipalities are responsible for accurately calculating revenue generating transactions, delivering accurate and timely reports, and abiding by strict regulatory requirements. They need to uphold these standards without draining valuable time and resources.

The Revenue Module helps users manage their revenue functions through our taxation, utilities, business license, citizen self-service, and animal license modules. Each system provides flexibility and powerful functionality that streamlines processes, meets all regulatory requirements and integrates directly with the financial system.


  • Taxation – Canadian tax standards, direct integration to government regulations, customization options to meet your municipality’s unique needs and requirements
  • Utilities – support for Water, Gas, Sewer, Electricity and others, flexible to all billing methods and types, integration to 3rd party data collection tools, and full integration to other systems
  • Business License – bill, receipt and issue business licenses, tracking of renewals, integration to online Business Directory component
  • Animal License – bill, receipt and issue animal licenses, track renewals, customize to your municipality’s billing rules and integration to all systems
  • Citizen Self Service – enable online access for citizens to their tax, utility, cemetery, animal license and business license information. Enable public access to assessments and credit card transaction for tax certificates.


  • Excellent reporting and analysis
  • Meets all regulatory requirements
  • Accurate, up-to-date alerts
  • Pinpoint revenue forecasts