On-premise ERP implementations can come with a hefty price tag. For organizations that are already pressed under tight budget constraints, the capital overhead for purchasing software, adding necessary hardware, and laying a reliable infrastructure foundation can be too much to absorb from a cost standpoint. Then there is the risk factor that can come from IT departments lacking relevant expertise in maintaining an ERP solution.

Hosted ERP services enable businesses to take a shortcut around the high capital expense and hidden cost of managing these infrastructures internally. They can turn to a cloud solution provider to host and manage the ERP in a dedicated infrastructure environment, offering robust security protection and ample computer processing power for a manageable service fee.

With the Serenic Software ERP hosted solution, organizations can cut back on the capital costs of hardware acquisition, installation, and maintenance. Gain all of our core ERP capabilities and benefits through a highly-secure and stable environment. On-the-go ERP users can also gain web-based access from multiple devices to stay productive anytime, anywhere.

In addition, Serenic Software includes data backup as a service. Through this offering, our customers can improve their operational efficiency by hosting their backup needs in an environment maintained and monitored by our specialists and experts. Companies can alleviate the manual labor and error-prone processes of managing their backup on-site to gain the efficiency they need.